Dr. Dalia Galal Yaseen

New Cairo Branch


- Lecturer of Phoniatrics (Speech and Voice Disorders) – Helwan Faculty of Medicine – Cairo – Egypt.

- Consultant of Phoniatrics and Head of Phoniatric Unit - Helwan University Hospitals – Cairo- Egypt.

- M.B.B.Ch in Medicine and Surgery on September 1997 from Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University.

- M.Sc. "Master Degree in Phoniatrics on June 2002, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.

- M.D. Doctor Degree in Phoniatrics on December 2009, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.

Clinical Experience:

- Outpatient language & speech, voice, snoring, and swallowing clinics.

- Microlaryngophonosurgery operative lists.

- In-office Vocal folds augmentation.

- Evaluation of speech and voice therapy outcomes.

-         Management of children with specific delayed language development

-         Management of hearing impaired children

-         Rehabilitation of patients with cochlear implant

-         Management of  mentally retarded, ADHD and autistic children

-         Management of dysphasia

-         Management of Stuttering, Dyslalia, Nasality and dysartheria

-         Evaluation of children with learning disabilities

-         Management of voice disorders

-         Evaluation of Snoring

-         Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing

- Teaching the clinical skills of diagnosis and treatment of language, speech and voice disorders.

- Teaching Disorders of Language, speech and Voice to: ENT residents, registered postgraduates, and department attached visitors.

- Organizing and instructing the regular postgraduate Phoniatrics courses.

- Doctor thesis in: Language profile of children with specific language disorders.

- Master thesis in: Phonological awareness.

- Master thesis in: Irritable larynx Syndrome.