Dr. Hatem Eleishi

New Cairo Branch

Dr. Hatem Eleishi is a Professor of Rheumatology at Cairo University, Egypt. He is also the director of “Romatezmeyat Campaign” and website (www.mafasli.com) for patient education about rheumatic diseases in the Arabic speaking countries.    

Eleishi was graduated from Cairo University in 1990 where he then also had his Masters (1994) and MD degrees (1998). He was also ECFMG certified from Philadelphia, USA in 1993.

He is specialized rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing sponlylitis, psoriatic arthritis and also in neck and back pain, osteoporosis and gout.

In addition to his medical profession, Dr. Eleishi is also a public speaker and is an active lecturer in the field of self development and is also the author of several literary writings the most known of which is his novel “Tikitian Imprints” that was published in the States by Goose River Press 2007. His other writings include “Cat Lino” and “The Other Side of the River”.