Dr. Mona Roshdy

Sheikh Zayed & Maadi Branches


Mona Roshdy Hamady, MD is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology at Cairo University since 2012. She received her doctorate degree in year 2002 and her thesis was in diabetes and its complications with particular emphasis on renal complications.

She received broad training in various fields of Internal Medicine such as Cardiology (Heart Disease), Chest (Respiratory System and Lungs), Rheumatology and Immunological Diseases, Gastrointestinal Disease and Liver Diseases at Cairo University Hospital. Moreover, she received training in General Nephrology (Kidney Diseases) and dialysis in the Renal unit of Kasr Al Eini Hospital (King Fahd Unit) and is working as a Professor of Nephrology at King Fahd Unit.

Dr. Roshdy received an advanced diabetes Course in St Andrew University in Scotland 2012. She worked as a consultant of Internal Medicine at New Kasr Al Eini Teaching Hospital since 2002 and Misr International Hospital since 2004. She has many scientific publications in national and international journals in various fields of Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Nephrology.

Dr. Mona has actively participated in many conferences in the fields of Nephrology and Hypertension. She has experience in various aspects of internal medicine specialized in Nephrology and Diabetes.