Dr. Josette Abdalla

Sheikh Zayed Branch

Dr. Josette Abdalla is a licensed clinical psychologist, with a background in university teaching, clinical practice, and organizational consultations. 

Dr. Abdalla earned her BA at the American University in Cairo (AUC), and completed her Masters and PhD at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Her teaching expertise includes 20 years at AUC in addition to teaching psychology in several national and private universities. She has over 30 publications, one of which is a book, and has participated in numerous national and international conferences, workshops, and seminars.

As a clinical and developmental psychologist, Dr. Abdalla is qualified in assessments and cognitive behavioral therapy, with both children and adults. Dr. Abdalla was affiliated with the AUC Student Counseling Center for several years, and has been is in private practice since 2000, covering diversified clinical and problematic life issues. Moreover, she has headed the Counseling Department at the Learning Resource Center since 2007.

Dr. Abdalla also has professional expertise in the domain of organizational psychology. She has headed several consultancies in private and multinational companies in which she conducted assessments to identify basic personality profiles, working styles, and organizational dynamics of persons occupying middle and upper managerial positions, to optimize individual as well as organizational performance.

In addition, Dr. Abdalla has participated in founding a number of establishments for children and adults with special needs, and has tailored training programs for the personnel in charge of these institutions. She is member in several national and international psychological associations, has received awards in recognition of her work, and is frequently hosted on television programs.