Dr. Mohamed Shaalan

Sheikh Zayed Branch

Dr. Mohamed Shaalan is professor of general and cancer surgery at Cairo University.  He graduated in 1983 at Cairo Medical School.  His fellowship was at the University of California at Irvine, USA in 1998.

Dr. Shaalan introduced to Egypt new techniques in breast surgery like sentinel lymphatic mapping. In addition, he was one of the first Egyptian surgeons to introduce laparoscopic procedures like Cholecystectomy and other operations. He also performed many procedures as “same-day surgery” like hernia repairs, hemorrhoids etc.

He is founding chairman of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt, an affiliate of the Suzan G Komen for the cure, the world’s largest breast cancer society.

He was awarded the International Ashoka fellowship for social entrepreneurship.  He was also chosen to become a member of the Clinton Global initiative for the pioneering work to improve health in the Middle East.  

He organized the 15th international breast cancer conference with the University Florida USA in October 2009. He is a member of most Egyptian surgical societies for breast surgeons and the International and European society for Gynecological Oncology.

He published intensively and presented in many of the international conferences worldwide. He is a special advisor to the WHO (World Health Organization).


Dr. Shaalan has unrestricted privileges to the best hospitals in Cairo in which he performs his surgical procedures.