Dr. Mona El Fangary

Sheikh Zayed Branch


Dr. El Fangary is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology & Head of Department at Misr University for Science & Technology.

She is a member of the Afro-Asian Society for Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser, International Society of Lipolysistherapy, Network-lipolysis & Aesthetic Meso therapy.

Dr. El Fangary has extensive experience in skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne scars and different cosmetic procedures such as: Botox, Fillers, Chemical Peeling, Mesotherapy, Injection Lipolysis and Laser procedures. 

At Oasis Clinics, Dr. Mona EL-Fangary runs a very busy clinic, dealing with diagnosis & treatment of various skin diseases. She utilizes the latest technology in Laser equipment as well as Botox injection & fillers to achieve outstanding aesthetic/cosmetic results.