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  • General and specialized cardiology (heart) and vascular (blood vessels) consultations.
  • Electrophysiology (heart rhythm irregularities) consultations.
  • Pediatric Cardiology consultation.
  • Cardiac and vascular surgical consultations.
  • Electrocardiography (ECG).
  • Echocardiography and vascular duplex.
  • Treadmill exercise test.
  • Home 24 hour ECG (Holter) and blood pressure recording.
  • Pulmonary function test.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle change consultation.

Adult Cardiology

Adult Cardiology is the specialty that deals with all known or suspected heart and related blood vessel disease in adults. It also deals with screening healthy individuals with ‘risk factors’ like hypertension, smoking, obesity, diabetes & dyslipidemia who are prone to develop cardiovascular disease and how best to prevent it. It also deals with patients with valvular, coronary, pericardial or heart muscle disease. Our doctors have unrestricted admitting privileges in several international hospitals in West and Central Cairo for those who need hospitalization. Oasis Clinics Consultants possess a vast experience in Interventional Cardiology which deals with treating critical heart & blood vessel disease, utilizing state-of-the-art percutaneous balloon catheter techniques & stents to dilate narrowed arteries & valves.

Oasis Clinics offer meticulous follow-up programs involving nutritional guidance and behavioral therapy, designed individually according to each patient’s needs after percutaneous coronary interventions or coronary bypass surgery. Professional nutritionists and behavioral therapists implement programs with the treating physician to assure the best outcome and prevent the need for subsequent interventions or surgeries.

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Is a branch of the medical specialty of clinical cardiology and is concerned with the study and treatment of rhythm disorders of the heart. Cardiologists with expertise in this area are usually referred to as electrophysiologists. Electrophysiologists are trained in the mechanism, function, and performance of the electrical activities of the heart. Electrophysiologists work closely with other cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to assist or guide therapy for heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias). They are trained to perform interventional and surgical procedures to treat cardiac arrhythmia.

Vascular surgery

Highly trained vascular surgeons who excel in both surgical and percutaaneous techniques offer the most recent therapeutic modalities for atrial and venous disorders. The most up to date therapy for getting rid of varicose veins is available.

Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Oasis Clinics offers sound advice for patients who require surgical procedures where the different options can be discussed in a candid atmosphere and arrangements on the timing and hospital in which surgery will be performed. Post cardiothoracic surgery patients can benefit from professional care and enrollment in tailored nutritional and psychological rehabilitation programs that assist the patient to resume his normal life style in the shortest possible time.

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