Check-Up Program

Check-Up Program


Early diagnosis is of vital importance and can be the deciding factor in treating and preventing a large number of diseases that do not show any prior symptoms in the patient. Oasis Clinics tailored check-up program is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and personalized exploration, adapted to your sex, age, and personal history supported by state-of-the-art technology.

The check-up program is designed for people who enjoy good health and have no symptoms, as well as those who have a chronic condition or are displaying certain symptoms

How Oasis Clinics Check-Ups are different:

Supported by the latest infrastructure and technology, we have qualified professionals of all medical-surgical specialties collaborating together as one unit for the sake of the patient. Our program is comprehensive and personalized, with an adaptable circuit that facilitates further testing if required by the coordinating specialist of the check-up, all in one place, in the shortest time possible. We conclude with a report on the overall state of your health and future advice on how to avoid risk factors unique to your profile.