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Whether you are trying to lose weight, modify cardiovascular risk factors, control diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia, or recovering from a heart attack or following heart surgery or coronary stenting, you will need to seriously consider enrolling in one of the multiple Oasis Clinics nutritional programs, supervised by experienced professors and experts. Proper nutrition can change your life.

Scientific research tells us that our daily choices in nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits determine the quality of life we live. Two of the major problems today are poor nutrition and lack of exercise. The increased consumption of highly refined package foods, salt, fats and sugars is taking its toll by damaging or clogging the body’s vital oxygen-carrying arteries, upsetting important metabolic functions thereby creating chronic lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and Type II diabetes. The best medicine is to practice preventative medicine by taking control of your own health, develop a healthy lifestyle which includes eating healthy natural foods, getting adequate exercise and sleep and eliminating other unhealthy lifestyle habits. We truly are what we eat.