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Oasis Clinics has launched its new eye clinic (Ophthalmology) run by a team of highly qualified doctors who are University Professors with vast experience locally and internationally. Ophthalmologists at Oasis Clinics are fully poised to solve the most complex eye disease in all subspecialties of Ophthalmology and offer preventive eye check-ups and complex surgeries in affiliated hospitals.

The following Ophthalmology services are offered at Oasis Clinics:

  • Full basic eye examination including anterior and posterior segment examination with top of the line computerized instruments.
  • Fundus examination and treatment plan for diabetic patients for early detection and follow up of any possible hypertension or diabetes manifestation on the eye.
  • A specialized pediatric ophthalmology service for screening, detection and management of any error among school children, with special attention to any abnormal eye movement or position among the young children.
  • Intra ocular pressure measurement and optic nerve examination for detecting and monitoring glaucoma patients along with the assessment of their drug efficacy.
  • Occuloplastic clinic for lids and eyes cosmetic surgeries.